title: Extinction
year: 2016
technique: openFrameworks
in collaboration with: Alessio Occhiodoro
video editing by: Francesca Vassallo
description: We share our planet with millions of species of plants and animals – a wondrous variety of wildlife that enriches our lives in so many ways.
This complex web of life provides the natural systems we depend on – giving us essentials like water, clean air, fertile soils and a stable climate. It gives us food, medicines and materials, and supports millions of jobs. It also inspires people around the world – making our lives richer in all sorts of ways.
But our planet’s wildlife is in crisis – numbers have fallen by more than half since 1970, and species are going extinct at an alarming rate.
We need to reverse this loss of nature and create a future where wildlife and people thrive again.
(source: WWF).